Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Running: Where to now?

I am at this weird place, feeling a little lost.

Not only did I not run this morning, because I am still sore and no reason to push it. I am going to try to get in 5 miles on Thursday because I won't be able to get in a run this weekend.

And then next week I can run my "normal" 3 miles on Tuesday and 4 miles on Thursday. Then I have an obstacle race on Saturday the 21st. And then my weekends should be able to get back to "normal"with a long run on Sunday. Half-Marathon training is slated to start on Sunday July 6th. But I will get a long run (probably 10K) in the weekend before since my mileage for June won't be high.

I looked at Hal Higdon's Novice 1/2 Marathon training plan and I am not thrilled - I want more miles! And I worry about so much cross training the day before a long run. I had adapted my own plan off of the "Train like a Mother" 1/2 Marathon plan, which I think I will adapt more closely, though I think my runs during the week may be more "just runs"versus hills and speed and tempo and all that.

I've got to get into strength training and cross training.

For now I just need to be patient and enjoy the fun things I've got going on the next couple of weeks, and once June 23rd comes around and our summer schedule kicks in, I can start a more organized training schedule.

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  1. When I was considering doing the 1/2 again this year I looked over Hal Higdon's plan and also did not care for the layout and the lack of mileage. I've read many people like it, but I didn't.

    I used the "Train Like a Mother" 1/2 novice plan last year and loved it!! You can definitely tweak it for your schedule and I only ever did the "hill work" when I went to the gym because we have no hills where I live. I felt completely prepared with that plan and loved that it was a rest day before the long run. I felt that was perfect.