Monday, March 7, 2016

2 races down, 1 to go

The 4 miler is done. The last mile was rough and slow, even though it was completely flat. I was full of self doubt and was ready to through in the towel and never run more than 3 miles at a time. But I got through it and I bolted to the finish line and loved every minute of getting my latest medal.

I was definitely was better prepared this week:
-I had pasta for dinner (albeit at a restaurant), not Mexican
-I didn't wear my running group shirt, which isn't very foregiving
-I remembered my sunglasses
-I didn't have keys or my ID in my FlipBelt, so I wasn't worrying about anything falling out

I do wish I had worn a short sleeve shirt. It was chilly at the start even at 11 am, but after 48 minutes the sun was beating down on me.

And by the evening I was plotting out my race schedule for the year, which may or may not include another Half Marathon (this would be in early December, on a quite hilly course, so I wouldn't even up my mileage until after Labor Day).

But for now I need to concentrate on re-building my endurance because it is GONE :(  Next weekend is the 5 mile race and then I will up to 6-7 miles and continue that until we go on our trip during which I have a 10K.

I just need to get back my running mojo I had in 2014 and to me that means more races (though in 2016 I had to have DNS on just as many races as I did start).

But I also need to get back in the habit of losing weight and I don't have success doing that when I am running a lot.

But I feel like it has been a big circle - I haven't wanted to run because I am not running as well because I've gained weight and I haven't been eating well which doesn't allow me to run as well, but I also haven't been compelled to lose weight because because I haven't been running and I am not constantly being reminded of what a hindrence my weight-gain has been on my running.

I did got to WW on Saturday. She said I stayed the same when I knew I had lost 2 lbs, but I forgot the previous week I had taken a non-weigh in because I knew I had gained 2 lbs the week after my 3-day cleanse.

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  1. Kudos to you for finishing! Hopefully this gives you some of your mojo back!

    Yes, this is all a big vicious circle......we have to learn to break the cycle!!!!!