Monday, March 14, 2016

Race series complete

The third race, a 5-miler, was today so the series is complete.

I did not adhere to my "night before a race" protocol - I went out to dinner (though not Mexican like 2 weeks ago) and even though I drank a ton of water, I still felt really dehydrated during the race. It was almost 60 degrees (I didn't wear the top below, I actually wore a tank top).

I had a lot of negative thoughts during the race (like 'What makes you think you want to sign up for all those races'). But I trudged through and finished in 1:01:44. It was the first time I had run over an hour in a 5 mile race :(

But I have a ton of improvement I can do by next year!!

On to the next race - a 10K in Disney. I did get into my 10K in Maine in August, and in early April I will register for a 10K in June.

Now I just need to continue running to prepare for the 10K - 6 flat miles this coming weekend. I was hoping to get out Tuesday morning but it is supposed to be raw and raining, so maybe not!


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  1. Never doubt yourself for signing up for these races. And never downplay your time. Your time is better than most people....because they are not up and moving at all!!!