Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter!

Easter isn't a big deal in our house. When it is later in the season I do go out, but March is just so early (thankfully it wasn't the 22nd, the earliest it can be). We had some reason unseasonably warm weather earlier in the month, but not lately. So I was just not feeling it. I just wanted the day to be over so I could concentrate more on the trip!

 I spent a good amount of time in the kitchen on Saturday (everything we do serve is cold or room temperature) so I could get out and do this on Sunday morning. Last year I waited for the kids to get up and open their baskets before heading out, but they've been sleeping in more so I didn't want to wait. I had 6.27 miles to run (the random number would bring me to a whole number).

I chose a rail trail near us. It isn't completely flat - it rises 100 feet over the 3.14 miles I ran - but then you lose it on the way back!

This is the rail trail I ran 13.1 miles last spring 5 days after my dad died. I hadn't been on it since. I've lost so much stamina since then, but my legs were tired from the hilly 5 miles I did on Friday. So now I am at a whopping 43 miles for the YEAR - last year I ran 51 miles in January alone.

Next weekend I am going to do 7 miles around town and then the weekend after I may do the hilly 7 miles from my house. Then I will be ready for the runDisney 10K!!!!

Once I got home, it was go, go, go before my mom and brother came over. The kids enjoyed their egg hunt, and didn't eat any of their lunch, except dinner.

But Easter is over and the trip is 17 days away!!!!!

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  1. Don't worry about comparing to your numbers from last year. This is a new year and you ARE racking up miles...that's what matters!!