Monday, August 30, 2010

Arms of steel

I've always had a liking for arms - a guy can be kind of squishy in the rest of his body, but if he has a nice set of arms. Yum. Not huge bodybuilding kind, but strong.

And for me, even at my thinnest, I don't have long, thin legs. I kind of have tree-trunks. I never really had a stomach until I had my second child. But I used to have amazing arms (okay, not Michelle Obama amazing, but ones I was pretty proud of). But unfortunately when you have had amazing arms and then you just stop rock climbing and stop rowing and stop strength training and decide to let yourself go because you'd rather eat a second dinner at 10 pm with your then new boyfriend (but eventual future-husband) then don't have amazing arms. They are so far from amazing that I hate them almost more than my legs.

Over the weekend me and my father had the unfortunate task of having to canoe across a large pond as fast as we could to come to the aid of 2 friend who had capsized their canoe. They weren't really in any danger, but we still went as fast as we could. It was exhilerating. And using my arms for something besides carrying a 26 lb 18-month old was fantastic. I miss rowing and I miss rock climbing and I miss strength training. I miss having amazing arms. I hope that when I do get around to starting all of those things again (I think I better start with the strength training!) that I will again be able to have amazing looking arms. Not just strong arms underneath a lot of bat-wings.

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