Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spring in my step is coming back....

I look back at my weight-loss journal from the day I recorded my lowest weight to date: 197.2 on Friday, August 6th. The day before Ellie's birthday. I was convinced that I was going to make my 10% the next Thursday. I was going to conquer her birthday with no weight-gain, just like I had with Dan's, 2 weeks prior. But then her party ended up being more stressful, especially with Jack being sick, then going to the beach, another day off. But I still didn't get above 200.0. I was dangerously close though. Then I made the mistake....

While driving back to to work on August 11th, I decided to get lunch at Fresh City. I had my normal lunch next to me in the car. I hadn't had my mid-morning snack yet. I was starving. I did have to get off the highway to go. And when I go, I don't usually just get the burrito grande, I get a salad as well. According to their calorie postings in the restaurant, together it was around a 1,000 calorie lunch.

So a slip-up for lunch? But I also had had a stomach thing going on - I knew I wasn't pregnant, but healthy food just made me feel so nauceous, so for about 10 days I couldn't eat any fruits or veggies. I was eating pasta and potatoes. I felt bloated and pudgey, and gross. But I have also forced myself to get on the scale every single morning, even when dinner the night before included a cup of olives. The highest I have seen in this slip-up is 203.4.

But I think I am back on track. I was 201.0 this morning and the spring is getting back in my step. Not as much as it would be if the scale said 199.8, but still. I can feel it. I stopped myself from snacking last night while I was making dinner. I am looking forward to the big salad I will make for dinner to go with my hotdog and fries. I will get on the scale tomorrow at WW, even though the last time I got on it there I was 3 lbs less. But that is okay. I am on my way back.

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