Monday, August 16, 2010

Only 4 more days of my 30s.....

Up until 10 days ago I was doing so well - I had visions of getting my 10% ring this coming Thursday, the day before my 40th birthday. But now I am struggling and need to get back until 200.

Am I trying to sabotage myself? Is the thought of getting to goal freaking me out because then it will mean - what do I do now? Or did I freak out thinking, 24 lbs down and still almost 50 to go and that seems so overwhelming?

Tracking and being organized are so incredibly important to me. Without them I quickly fall apart. My tracker for the last week is empty except for my daily weight (which is a good thing - often I would have not weighed myself if I had eaten badly and before I knew it I would have gained 10 lbs).

I hate this feeling though. 10 days ago I was walking around with confidence. I felt thin. But the last 10 days has brought a lot of bloating, a lot of uncomfortable feeling, a lot of headaches (from too little water). No fun.

But today is Monday. Another day. As of 3:52 pm I have done well today. But getting home is the hard part - nibbling while making dinner can be my downfall.

I will track. I will track. I will track.

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