Sunday, October 13, 2013

Back to the bike path

It  has been since August 18th since I've been on the bike path that I ran almost weekly since April.

Since then:
--The weekend after vacation I took the first weekend off in running in 2+ months
--The weekend after I needed to run a 5K prior to my race, so ran locally
--Next weekend was the race
--Next weekend I hauled dirt both days
--Next weekend I ran a 5K race
--The next weekend was fogged in a with a To Do list a mile long, I didn't have the time
--Last weekend was rainy, cold and wet - ie I slept in :)

I wasn't exactly sure how far I would run today - I had hope for 6 miles, but wasn't complete set on it. When I reached one of the cross roads I was only at 2.25 miles - I was kind of a maniac in the middle of the (thankfully empty) road, I kept turning around, then deciding to keep going, then turning around. I decided I wasn't ready to turn back. For a but I thought that if I got back to the car after 4.5 miles, I could turn around a run a couple more miles, but I figured that probably wouldn't happen!

So I kept running until I hit 3.14 miles and then turned around. Running felt so great. The bike trail was so beautiful with all the foliage (though also covered in leaves and pine needles so I was a little worried about slipping).

Running with the Garmin is so much better than Map Your Run. I thought I liked the little voice in my ear,  but I don't miss it! I periodically look at my watch to see how fast I am going and I like the vibration at each mile, but I definitely feel like I am running fast and stronger because of it (and minus the voice in my ear - previously as long as I had run .2 miles every 2.5 minutes I was okay, but I can run faster than 12:30 minute miles, so I feel like I am pushing myself).

Towards the end of my run I did feel some pain in my left foot - it felt like stress fracture pain, not muscle or tendon pain. I am hoping not.

I need to clean the house today but I am feeling like a lazy butt!


  1. Wow, great running! I've never gone more than 5K!!

  2. That is a great distance to run. I am ok at short distances but anything over 2 miles and i fade very quickly.


  3. Great job running! I bet your foliage is just beautiful right now. I love autumn in the Northeast. :)