Friday, October 25, 2013

So, so close!

Scale this morning said 200.2! Even seeing the scale say 200.X the other morning was wonderful as it was the first "new number" I had seen since July (at the end of July my weight dropped to 201.6 but then immediately shot up 5 lbs in a few days of enormous stress and sleep deprivation, a weight that wouldn't drop for weeks and weeks).

I have been extremely vigilant this week, because I just want to get under that darn number! To the extent that last night I made the kids Mac and Cheese and had a PB&J sandwich (my usual Friday night dinner, not Thursday night).  I had planned simple dinners I knew I wouldn't overeat.

I didn't run this past weekend. I was up way too late Saturday night celebrating the Red Sox going to the World Series.

I did get up and go to Bootcamp on Tuesday after not going last week. It was hard to get up! One of our stations was having to climb on our bellies the whole length and back of a basketball court - I had serious rug burn on my elbows from that :(

I am not going to do my race tomorrow. This is how neurotic I am (well, that and my daughter has an important soccer game I don't want to miss and my husband was invited to an activity that he didn't want to miss out on, that has him leaving the house at 11 am). Yes, I know I should be putting myself first. But I AM going to still run 6.66 miles this weekend, just on my own on Sunday morning. And I am going to try to run as fast as I would in a race. And then after this weekend I plan on upping my workouts and cutting back on my running.

I didn't go to Bootcamp on Thursday morning because I still hadn't decided if I was going to race or not and I didn't want to tire myself out.

Oh yeah, the neurotic part of why I am not racing tomorrow. If I was going to race in the morning, I would need to carbo load tonight - I can't run 6.66 with only eating a PB&J sandwich the night before, and I really, really think I can see under 200 in the morning and I wouldn't see that if I had a big pasta dinner. So that is my battle with the scale.

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