Monday, October 28, 2013

Bring on the work week!

Mondays are always hard. In this case, I just want the week to be over. I've really come to learn that Halloween is my least favorite holiday. It has gotten so much bigger over the years, but being new in town, for us, Thursday night Trick-or-Treating will be it (besides what the kids have going on at school that day). We skipped the town parade last night. We don't know anyone local having a Halloween party. Growing up I loved Halloween, because I loved candy. But as a grown-up with a weight issue, it reminds me that I know I was born loving candy. I had no self restraint. My candy was gone within a week. As a small child, when I first starting get a quarter for an allowance, I would automatically go to the store to get a candy bar. And when I eventually got a dollar, I would get 4 candy bars.

But I didn't have a weight problem until my adult years. The highest I was until I was 30 was 157, which was only 3 lbs overweight, but I spent most of my high school years and 20s fluctuating between 125 and 142.

I just want Halloween to be over so I can figure out how much candy the kids will keep and get the rest out of the house as quickly as possible. I am thinking I may work from home on Thursday instead of Friday so I can bring in our extra candy on Friday.

I want it to be November. I want to celebrate my mom's 75th birthday and Thanksgiving. I want to get over the looming 1 year anniversary of my mother-in-law's passing. So I can get beyond the anniversary of going to Disney and being horrified at the pictures of me and knowing that we are 1 year away from going back to Disney. Bring on November, so I can get to December, December 1st being my 1 year anniversary of joining Weight Watchers, and December being Christmas, my favorite time of year.

But for now I just want the work week to come and go. I hate being wrapped up in the World Series. We will know by week's end who wins. Of course I want the Red Sox to win, but really I just it over. I want to go to Bootcamp in the morning because I did ZERO exercise this weekend. And I want it to be next weekend because I want to see if I can maintain being under 200 (I was 200.2 on Sunday and 200.8 this morning).

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