Sunday, January 12, 2014

I hope for a good week

Last week at work really, really sucked. Unfortunately the next week probably won't be any better. But I need to have a better week psychologically and physically.

The weekend didn't end up being as "on-plan" as I intended
--Before the birthday party at Chuck E Cheese I ate my normal lunch. But I succumbed to some of the pizza brought for the parents and a very, very small piece of cake. I did stick to water though.

--Dinner was stew made in the crock pot - but I ate some of the noodles I made for the kids. But I did skip the bread and butter the rest of the family was having.

--An impulse buy on Friday night was a dozen mini cupcakes - so we each got 3 and I enjoyed each one :)

--Slices of cheese made it into my mouth as I was making chicken cordon bleu Sunday night for dinner.

The good part of the weekend was I lifted weights at the Y during my daughter's swimming lesson. I wasn't incredibly impressed with all the machines - I thought there were more than there were, but turned out there was just a second set of almost everything. A few machines I had been hoping for they didn't have. But they had the major ones I wanted. I don't use a lot of the machines because I do so much with free weights, but some of the leg machines are great and there are some muscles I don't feel like I am getting adequately enough with free weights. So hopefully next weekend I will be a little more organized.

The current plan is:

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Cardio
Wednesday - Weights at home
Thursday - Cardio
Friday - Weights at home
Saturday - Cardio (not sure when I will fit this in)
Sunday - Weights at the gym/ ?Free swim

Eventually I will want to get to the gym to do weights on Saturdays and do my long run on Sunday, but as long as I am running inside, I can do it on Saturday (I really should have gotten outside this weekend and run since it was in the 40s and 50s - by next weekend it will be in the 20s).

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