Saturday, January 11, 2014

Weekly Weigh-in #7

Starting Weight (12/1/2012): 232.2
Last Week: 199.2
Current Weight: 195.6
Change Since Last Week: -3.6
Total Change: -36.4
Height: 5'6"
Goal: 149ng

Christmas Weight Gain Gone! I really wasn't expecting that. Even Friday morning the scale was a lot higher.

This past week was extremely stressful. I started a new project at work, while also working on my old project. I am supposed to be 50-50 for the month of January, but each project wants your 100%. Sucks. We had collegues in from our New York office so lunch was ordered in - including brownies or the cookies that are as big as your head.

Other eating was a little wacky - my daughter decided she wanted to start having bananas on her cereal, which meant we ran out on Tuesday! It really isn't convenient for me or my husband to get to the store on our way home from work, so I substituted my banana for 3 days, which really wasn't a good substitute.

And working from home on Fridays is no more, which isn't great for the psyche, but also screws with my grocery shopping schedule. I had told work if I can't work from home on Fridays I need to leave at 4:00, but of course our new client scheduled a meeting from 3:30 -4:30 on Friday. But as soon as the kids were home from skating and I had fed them, I ran out to go shopping.

Exercise really didn't happen. Last Sunday when my daughter was at swimming, I did try out the treadmill at the gym - I only got in 1.5 miles.  Better than nothing! I really shouldn't be doing cardio during her class though - I should take advantage of the weights I don't have at home. So it will be a little experimentation.

I am a little nervous about our dinners this week. We've really gone through our staple meals during the holidays and I am so bored with them, so I am trying a few new things. Right now I've got stew in the crock pot for tonight - I haven't used my crock pot for anything besides pulled pork and chili, so this should be interesting. I am going to skip the rolls.

Since I was so surprised with my weight this morning, I am going to be diligent over the weekend instead of having a real cheat time. The kids have a birthday party, but I am going to eat before we go. And I am going to try to keep my weekend meals normal. I am dieing to get under 195!

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