Friday, January 17, 2014

Low expectations for weigh-in

This week didn't end up being what I had hoped it would be, and I am so thankful for it being Friday.

Work stress continued though it was be better than last week. At least this week I got some help. For the most part I ate well at work - Monday we had our monthly birthday celebration with my old team and instead of cupcakes they brought in cheesecake tarts and I had 2; another day I grabbed a granola bar for a snack instead of my normal Vitatop and fruit cup. But I ate my normal breakfast and lunches all week, though lunch 2 days wasn't until 2 o'clock (and I hadn't had time to eat my snack).

Exercise was non-existent. I was working late most evenings and the nights I only worked until 9 or 10, I just wanted to sleep, sleep, sleep even though my legs with antsy from sitting all day - I knew working out would feel great, but sleep won out.

On Friday nights I usually have a PB&J sandwich and a fruit cup. Since I can't work from home on Fridays right now, I didn't have any bread except a bagel thin, which wouldn't have been enough. So I had that, and a banana, then a bunch of salsa (fresh) and chips, and a few bites of my son's mac&cheese. The scale has been up all week - so, like the title, low expectations for tomorrow.

But...After my meeting I have to bring my car into the shop. Since it will be 8 am, I told my husband he didn't need to pick me up. It is only 2 miles from our house. I can run home :) Yes it is supposed to be almost freezing and raining, but that is okay. That is what cold weather gear is for!

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