Tuesday, March 4, 2014

1 Year Run-niversary - 4 Mile Race

A year ago I started C25K again (I originally ran from September 2011 - January 2012, doing 3 5K races, but on Superbowl Sunday 2012 I stopped running because we were selling and moving and took an unexpected 13 months off).

A year later I am 33 lbs lighter and ran my first non-5K race.

Saturday I drove up to drive the course, and realized that it was during the time where I could pick up my bib (and t-shirt and medal - the first time getting a medal before the race - I will admit there was a a tiny, tiny part of me thinking that 'why run the race when I already have the medal'). I found the big hill I had read about on-line and had a mental plan to conquer it. I have never walked during a race and didn't plan on it this time either.

I got to the race way early - Parking was easier than expected. So hung out in the car for a while as it was chilly (about 34) and then warmed up out of the car. I started talking to a women while walking to the starting line, but then we got separated - I wish I had found her at the end because she could have made a good running buddy.

I completed the 4 miles (actually it was 4.14) in 46:18. I didn't walk. Granted I very slowly jogged up the large steep hill, but didn't walk! I felt really good about myself. The only "bad" part of the race was I started bolting where I thought was the end, but they made us run all the way around the block and come in the finish line from the other side.

I am definitely intimidated by the 5 miles coming up this weekend. But looking forward to it. Racing is definitely addictive.

Today I sign up for my first Disney race in November.

These are the races I have coming up:

March 9 - Hynes Tavern 5 Miler

April 19 - BAA 5K

April 27 - Wilmington 5K

May 31 - Color Me Rad (Color Run) with Ellie

June 7 - Runner's World Heartbreak Hill 10K

June 21 - Foam Fest (obstacle race)

July 4 - 4th of July 2 Miler

September 6 - Diva Dash (obstacle race)

September 21/28 - Wilmington 5K (or could I make the 1/2???!!)

November 8 - Disney 5K

But now I need to start working out more and that means getting up early and working out. I was really hoping to do it this week before Daylight Savings starts, but it is still so incredibly cold it is hard to drag myself out. And this week my calves were really tight after the big hill. But soon!

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