Saturday, March 29, 2014

Weekly Weigh-in #18

Starting Weight (12/1/2012): 232.2
Last Week: 194.4
Current Weight: 192.8
Change Since Last Week: -1.6
Total Change: -39.4
Height: 5'6"
Goal: 149

Thank goodness this week is over. It has been quite a bad week eating wise. We've got this big project completing on Monday and as "incentive" our office has been chock full of chips and candy and catered lunches. With the stress of work, throw in PMS, and still cranky about the weather, I didn't hold back.

I was surprised the loss was what it was, though it was very inflated last week, because I am not going to WW this morning because I have a 4 mile race, so I had quite a bit of pasta for dinner, not my normal Friday night PB&J.

Last Sunday I did get out for another 5 mile run. I was definitely dragging more for that one. I am not sure why - Not enough sleep? Not enough water? Could have been a variety of things.

Today is 12 weeks until my obstacle race, so I tell myself it really is time to start actually doing more activity than 1 long run  week. So we'll see how next week goes!

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  1. *high five* ... that seems to be the way to cheer people on around my home lately. :)

    Good job! Obstacle course... you're brave. I'm too scared to try one of those.