Tuesday, March 11, 2014

5 mile race and Monday struggles

Saturday was spent inside with my sick son, trying to resist temptations. I did pretty well. Dinner was pre-race pasta and spiralized zucchini. I did have a Skinny Cow ice cream cone for dessert.

My son continued to be sick during the night - thankfully my husband took care of him. But I still didn't get much sleep. Thankfully the race wasn't until 1:00 so I slept in until 10!

Since my son was sick, my family couldn't come with me to the race as planned, so I was on my own again. Traffic was a nightmare getting there - they had closed the roads extra early. But I left with a lot of room to spare.

Walking back to my car from bib/shirt/metal pick up I was freezing so I elected to wear my hat and gloves. But walking in the sun to find the Port-a-Potties, I warmed up and regretted my decision but there wasn't time to go back to the car. So even before the race started I took them off and stuffed them in my shirt (my third boob I call it!).

The start of the race was slightly uphill - fun way to start! I just kept my head down. I knew I was running too fast to start. But I felt good the majority of the time. The more insecure I felt was more towards the end of the race when I could tell that after I passed a street that a cop was letting cars go which meant that no one was probably right behind me so I had visions of being the last person. But I wasn't :)

I finished 5 miles in 57:27. I just wanted to do it in under an hour so I was psyched. Like all of the 3 races, I finished about 830th out of 1000.

After the race I found the same woman I talked to before the race last week and we hung out for a while. She convinced me to sign up for a 4 mile race at the end of the month and I in turn convinced other people too.

I stopped by my normal "post-summer long run" gas station to fill up - I long to get back on the rail trail - though I am loving the practice of the hills too! I think I am going to continue on flat for my long runs and try to get 2 local runs in per week.

On the way home I was craving real pizza - we hadn't ordered out in months. I had 3 pieces and a ton of greek salad. The scale was way up Monday morning. But it was still up this morning :(  Need to get back into control.

Off to register my son for Kindergarten - how did that happen?!

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