Sunday, April 27, 2014

Another Weekend, Another PR

Overall the weekend was pretty low-key. My daughter had a school project due, and the weather was less than stellar. 

Today was a small 5K in our town - Only 400-500 people. Before the BAA 5K last weekend, I was hoping I would be able to PR in the race today. After last weekend, I wasn't sure if I had it in me to PR. I felt that the energy of the race last weekend was what allowed me to PR.

My family came with me to the race - something they hadn't done since Thanksgiving. I don't usually ask them to come, but this was so close to our house, so despite the drizzle, they still came.

I started out really fast. Like 9:15 fast. There were quite a few kids and I didn't want them to be faster than me (but who am I kidding - they are kids - they can run, and run, and run!)

I really need to learn/ be taught how to control my breathing, how to recover in the middle of the race. At one point I was thinking to myself "I like to run, I don't like to race!" I just wanted to stop. I know you can't PR at every race. But I didn't feel like being there. But I kept going, and going, and going. I ended up finishing in 31:32! Almost 40 seconds faster than last weekend. The official time was 31:43 - I think that must have been Gun Time. Either way is a PR! And since there were so many walkers, I came in 132 out of 416 and 25/90 for my division.

In the swag bag for the run was a flier about a women's running group in town - guess it just started last summer. I joined their Facebook group. We'll see if I actually do runs with them!

Me and my daughter are doing a color run on May 31st and we haven't even walked a 5K before. After the race I asked her to walk a 5K with me and she refused. But after dinner she changed her tune and we got out for a 3.35 mile walk. I am not sure if we'll be doing much running at the run on the 31st, but it still should be fun.

I am a little relieved to be done with racing for over a month. I am eager to get out and do long runs. I was jealous my running buddy got to be out on the rail trail this morning. But I am also nervous because very soon I will need to start adding nutrition to my runs. I know it will take some experimentation with my huge gag reflex, but I am eager to try it out. Originally I was going to wait until the end of June, but I think I will try on my next long run next weekend. Ease into it.

I am thinking over Memorial Day weekend I will go running along the Charles. I spent tons of time along the Charles in my 20s - either hanging out with friends, or biking. I thought the runners were crazy. I had zero desire to be one of them. But I feel that I want to take on a nice long run around the Charles before the summer gets away from me (one thing I like about the bike trail is not only is it flat, it is fairly shaded as I don't do well in the heat). After my run I'll be able to drive over and check out the course for the 10K - I am completely nervous!

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