Friday, April 25, 2014

For the love of pizza

I've been trying to get back on track towards the end of this week and work is trying to sabotage it!

Our dinners have been pretty free-form this week because my daughter has been away for Spring Break, and I've been wanting to get all the leftovers from Easter gone.

I woke up this morning to 190.6 - So close to getting back to under 190! I brought my lunch like normal (though yesterday I went out and got a small burrito and a water - so only 10 pts, like my lunch). Our 9:30-11:30 planning meeting was changed to 11-2 with pizza brought in. I skipped the soda, and had 2 smallish pieces of veggie pizza. I had my snacks and carrots before the meeting even started. I hope I am not starving this afternoon!

I joined my first DietBet starting on Monday. My 4% should be about 7.6 lbs - I would LOVE to lose that by the end of May! That would get my under 185.4 into "Overweight" world, not "Obese world" where I have been for over 11 years. But we all know I do horrible with date driven goals.

I have a race on Sunday, then don't have a real one until the beginning of June. I need to focus on my miles in May and doing different kinds of runs during the week. Bring it on!

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