Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Good June, uncertain July

How did we get to July so quickly?? How is 2014 1/2 over??!!

June was a good month! I ran 11 times for a total of 50 miles. I ran a Color Run, an Obstacle Race, and my first 10K. I was diligent about getting up and running 2 times during the week.

And July 1st, I didn't get up. I barely got any sleep - maybe 3 hours. We are dealing with health issues with our parents, so it is very stressful. Running helped me a lot this past month with the stress, but last night sleep did not happen and I just couldn't get myself up. But that is okay. I hope to get over 50 miles this month (I am slated for 65-70, but with the family illnesses, that might not happen).

Saturday I went to Kohl's and did a little retail therapy. I pulled Size 14 pants off the rack in the non-Women's section and they fit! (I don't understand Petites though. I have short legs, so pants are often too long, so I decided to try 14P and I couldn't get them over my thighs :( )

I ended up with 1 Size M shirt - I loved it and they didn't have a L, and the cut looked large so I tried on the M and it fit! I also ended up with white jean capris!!!

Sunday morning I ran 7 miles with my running partner. I wore my Nathan hydration vest with the Camel Bak bladdar I bought and it worked out much better. I think I may just run with it on all runs in the hot weather, short or long - I hate carrying water in my hand, and I like that I don't have to wear the arm band with the vest.

This morning the scale said 184.6 and that is during full on TOM!!!

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