Thursday, August 4, 2016

Over the hump of the week.....

The last couple of days have gone fairly well - 220.2 this morning. So close - definite motivation to keep me doing.

Eating during the day has been spot on.

Tuesday night I went to my mom's for dinner and brought my dinner - 2 hard boiled eggs, flax tortilla, carrots and an apple. I used fat-free mayonnaise from her house (we have Light at our house) - my "treat" was Skippy peanut butter to eat with my apple

Wednesday night's dinner was again a little much - not a full 2nd helping, but some extra of pasta and chicken sausage. But I did skip the ice cream treat the rest of my family was having. I am saving myself for our full weekend of celebrating my daughter's 10th birthday.

Tonight I am going back to my mom's and bringing the same dinner.

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