Friday, August 5, 2016

Bring on a weekend of celebrating....

Today the scale was 220.2, same as yesterday.
Yesterday at work was crazy - I barely moved from my chair, which also meant not getting as much water as I would have liked. But I did eat my normal foods, even though I was stressed around 1:00 and was tempted to buy my lunch instead.
I brought my dinner to my mom's but had asked my husband to get my a sub at Subway instead, which I was fine with.

I am working from home today, but the scale tomorrow is really motivating me to eat like normal, plus we are going to be celebrating a lot this weekend
1) Saturday lunch at Cheesecake Factory
2) Saturday dinner at home, but with ice cream and cake
3) Lunch at the beach - we only go once a year, so always bring treats
4) Dinner at the Melting Pot

I am a little sad I am not doing my 10K in Maine tomorrow. This is the last of the races that I am signed up for that I bagged out on. This isn't a "in shape" thing - I really thought I would want to celebrate a decade of being a parent by taking a day to myself. But I realize I want to spend as much of the time with her (her birthday is Sunday), plus I really want to watch the Open Ceremonies of the Olympics (and with my family) instead of having to go to bed early to run a race. I may run tomorrow - I will see.

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