Monday, August 8, 2016

Seriously dragging this Monday....

The poor eating habits continued for the weekend:
--Breakfast - Normal

--Saturday lunch @ Cheesecake Factory: Bread (was starving), Sangria, helped my daughter finish her ridiculously huge Oreo milkshake, Summer Rolls, Appetizer size chopped salad - still huge. Because of the milkshake, we didn't have room for dessert - it was our dessert!

--Saturday dinner - spaghetti, salad, ice cream (with homemade chocolate fudge) and cupcake

--Sunday breakfast - normal

--Sunday lunch at the beach - 8 oz coke, water, PB&J, carrots, grapes, potato chips, cupcake

--Sunday snake - ice cream and chocolate fudge - serious fail here

--Sunday @ Melting Pot - 4 courses (cheese, salad, meat, chocolate, plus wine) --I felt so uncomfortable when I got home and still do - I am used to finishing eating at least 4-5 hours before going to bed - not 90 minutes. I slept sitting up, but still feel so gross.

I want to eat well today/this week, but I am seriously dragging - I slept very little and ate poorly = more food choices. I may not do well today, but hoping the whole week isn't shot!


  1. I want to do better this week! Poor choices are what drags us down (adds to the tiredness and lethargy)!!! I need more fruits and veggies!!!

  2. Such an inspiration, I have to keep myself motivated and your post definitely helps.