Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August 1 was fairly successful

Scale was 222.6 this morning. Hoping that isn't just a pre-TOM dip (I've always thought it was weird that the day TOM arrives, the scale is low. Very weird)

I ate my lunch I brought, including my 8 oz coke. Another thing I do is not drink the coke while I am eating my lunch - I have it as a treat afterwards.

I didn't move enough during the day - I barely got 6,000 steps.

I didn't really track my water - I don't think I was too good.

I had a little bit too much dinner - but nothing out of control.

It may not sound like a successful day, but it was in my book and I felt good getting on the scale this morning.

Tonight I am going to my mom's house to help her get the house ready to sell. I bring my own dinner when I go, so I packed all my good for the day this morning - dinner will be 2 hard boiled eggs, a flax tortilla, carrots and an apple.

Today I plan on doing the same as yesterday, but less dinner and hopefully more steps.

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