Friday, June 16, 2017

6 Miles for Breakfast

I was planning on doing 6 miles Saturday morning, but when my runner friends said they were doing 6 this morning at 5 am, I jumped at it, even if that meant getting up at 4 am so I could eat something an hour ahead. They were definitely hard miles - I am not used to getting up that early, I hadn't slept very well the night before, and I sure didn't eat well yesterday! But the miles are done! It was also more humid than we thought (about 63 degrees, 80% humidity) but thankfully it was cloudy and an occasional breeze.

I had lunch out yesterday which I hadn't done in a while (and won't do again for a while) - I had a burrito and a Nutella shake - they really are to die for!

And then for dinner we had our "end of school celebration" which includes spaghetti, salad, ice cream and cupcakes.

My grocery shopping was fairly successful. I don't plan on cooking any time soon, so it was stocking up a lot for the pantry and very little produce, which is a little sad. But I will stock up on all that next week, and will buy just what I need if I find us having any dinners at home next week.

I am working a 1/2 day today but from the couch where I am trying to relax my sore and tired legs. I can't complain because one of my runner friends is my daughter's teacher and another is a pharmacist, so they will be on their feet all day.


  1. Congratulations on getting up and running. 6 miles would kill me I'm sure LOL.

  2. Yay on the 6 miles!!!! (I am so jealous...I would love to have friends to run with!!)