Thursday, June 15, 2017

Almost vacation!

I did survive all of Wednesday eating well and being at home. A miracle! A lot of it was because I had weighed in that morning and really wanted to see what the scale said in the morning if I ate normally. It said 219.6! But then I got dressed and went to work (My husband is working from home today so I didn't need to be on kid duty) and I started having cramps and I calculated that today was Day 25 so feasibly I could be getting my period and alas I did - but thankfully no accidents since I am wearing very light cream pants!

Which brings me again to the fact that my weight is always so low on the day I get my period. It has been this way for years. It is very bizarre.

Of course I sat down at my desk and tried to calculate the odds of having my period during our 2 week vacation in August. Ideally I would get it at 25 days next month and the month after - yes that would mean that my heaviest day would be the day we fly - nothing more fun than a heavy flow day and having to deal with airplane bathrooms. But that would also mean that the 2 weeks of our vacation would be be my "good 2 weeks" which of course would be perfect. But we will have to see. Seeing that my cycle can be anywhere from 25-35 days, it will be a crapshoot. Joys of being in your late 40s.

This morning would have been perfect for running. But I chose to not lay anything out and just get up if I woke up. But I didn't. My husband's alarm was set for 6:20 since he is working from home. I went to bed at 9:30 and woke up with the alarm. I guess I really needed that sleep!

Since I got to work early I should be able to get out early and then go grocery shopping and then go home and do the last push to get everything ready for overnight camp. Just get me through the next 2 days!!!!

My daughter's team won her softball game last night so she is playing again Friday night (though it is supposed to rain) and then if she wins that there would be a game next week. We don't expect to win Friday (okay, we didn't expect to win last night either!). We just want to be able to do the Happy Dance at 3:15 on Saturday when my son's soccer game is over.

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  1. I hate how unpredictable my monthly are! However in the past few years they have gotten better.

    Hope you have a fun vacation planned.