Thursday, June 29, 2017

I am around....

It's been a long almost 2 weeks, and I have no pictures to share, so I will bullet

* Friday June 16 - Last Day of School!!!! Lots of time on Facebook trying to figure out who is in my son's class next year - My daughter won't know her Middle School schedule until late summer
* Saturday June 17 - Lots of sports, lots of organizing
* Sunday June 18 - We went into Boston for Father's Day and had a wonderful brunch at the top of one of the skyscrapers
* Monday June 19 - Me and the kids went to Water Country USA - So much fun! Beautiful weather and not many people there because a lot of schools weren't out yet
* Tuesday June 20 - My daughter went to a friends, so me and my son had a lazy day around the house
* Wednesday June 21 - My husband took the kids to Maine - 5 minutes after the left, my mother called and I had to take her to the hospital - the pins from her broken elbow last fall started coming out
* Thursday June 22 - I thought I had until 1:00 to get stuff done before having to take my mom to the hospital for her surgery, but she called at 10:00 and they pushed up the surgery, so for the second day in a row I had to rush out of the house without a shower and without eating. Thankfully the surgery went well.
* Friday June 23 - I was supposed to go to Maine to spend the day with my family and pick up my daughter, but since I hadn't gotten stuff done around the house, I didn't go and got a TON done and then did major shopping at Michael's and Target
* Saturday June 24 - Got more stuff done, family came home around 1:00, got more stuff done, went out to dinner
* Sunday June 25 - We all took my daughter to overnight camp - her first time going!
* Monday June 26 - My son started day camp (his 4th year there) and back to work for me.

No, you didn't miss anything about running because I haven't run in 2 weeks :( Just so busy and so tired (and throw in some hot and rainy days too). I am supposed to do 7 miles tomorrow.

Eating has been incredibly poor :( I didn't get to enjoy my usual good feelings in the first 1/2 of my cycle. Now I am approaching the 2nd half. But I am trying to get back on track!


  1. You have been busy!!!!!!! How did your 7 mile run go????? And how is your mom????

  2. Hope your mom is feeling better. I'm glad the surgery went well.

    It always gets busy when school gets out. Well, it did for me when my kids were still at home LOL.

    Sounds like you are getting lots of things done.