Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Clothing Sizes Annoyance

I have a wedding to go to this weekend - it is my cousin and my husband is not going, so it is just my parents and me. So I don't really care what I am wearing. I had ordered a dress from JCP, but it just looked horrible on me, so I sent it back. I have a cute polka-dot dress that I just recently started wearing to WW - so I feel a tad bit guilty wearing a dress I would wear to work, to a wedding in New York City.

I went to Kohl's and they had nothing. I don't have time or $ to try Lord & Taylor, so I decided to check out Lane Bryant today just to see what they had.

I brought a little black dress (14/16), a strapless black (16) and a grey sweater dress (14/16) into the dressing room. I try on the little black dress, excited to see if the 14/16 fits me, expecting that I will need to buy my first pair of Spanx in order for it too. But instead it is swimming on me. The other 2 dresses aren't great. So buying the too big 14/16 in my only option. I can't get excited about the tag saying 14/16 when it is huge on me. I was actually wearing a size 18 pair of pants from Lane Bryant that aren't that baggy. I can't wear 18W anymore without them falling to the ground, but LB 18's seem to still fit.

So I bought the dress and I am just not excited about it. But how excited can I be going to a wedding with my parents when I am 40 years old?

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