Thursday, October 21, 2010

Last Week: 197.0
This Week: 195.0

Change: -2

Total Loss Since 3/25/2010: 21 lb

Total Loss Since 1/1/2010: 26.8 lb

I will admit I cheated a little with the weigh-in. If I was being 100% honest I would have put 195.4. That is the weight I was at WW for 3 weeks in a row (and I then skipped 2 weigh-ins because they would have shown a gain). I wasn't sure what the scale would say this morning. When I stepped on it eventually rested on 195.4. I wasn't really paying attention to the other numbers is said, ala Biggest Loser. Sometimes what it rests on is higher than the number before it, sometimes it was smaller. I thought I had seen a glimpse of 196 something, so I wanted to be prepared for maybe not maintaining at WW today. So I did what I rarely ever do, I immediately stepped on the scale again. It said 195.4 and then jumped down and landed on 195.0. So I will take that.

I need about a 2 -2.4 lb loss to get my 25 lb weight at WW. I think I could do that in the next week if I really put my heart and soul into it. We have no plans of going out over the weekend or baking plans or plans for any extravegent dinners. So maybe, maybe I could do it!

But then next weekend I am going to NYC for 1 night to my cousins weekend - so a lot of driving, a wedding, probably a sinful breakfast the next morning. Could be ugly. But I am going to focus on the next week for now. One day at a time.

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