Friday, October 29, 2010

Dresses and desserts

So I brought home the size 14/16 dress from Lane Bryant, and after removing the tags and washing it, I thought about how we went on a cruise in October 2004, when I probably weighed what I do now, and there were formal nights. So what did I wear back then and did I still own them? I found a dress in my closet that was size 14 - figured no way that it would fit. Well it did. So I am kicking myself for having washing the dress (and the tags are already out with the trash) but it will just get added to the Donate pile. And now the Spanx I bought, will be put to some use.

But on another note, I bought a pair of shoes today in size 9 for the first time ever. I hate shoes. I hate wearing them and I especially hate buying them. But my casual work shoes had worn out and needed to be replaced. My shoes have been uncomfortable since my first pregnancy, but I have not had to buy new shoes since then and I kept telling myself it was the weight, not the pregnancies that made my feet grow. I still think it is the weight, and hopefully in 45 lbs, I will again be a size 8 1/2, not 9.

The first piece of Halloween candy to enter through our door, except for the 4 days of unopened candy downstairs, came 27 hours ago and I have only had 1 piece. A snickers. 2 points. I wrote it down. But today my husband and I went to the movie and I had soda and popcorn with lots of butter. And I had 2 helpings of his yummy chicken parm. And pumpkin cheescake ice cream for dessert. But still, only that 1 piece of candy so far.

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