Monday, November 21, 2011

Another run...

I got up on Sunday and ran 5K again. This time the weather was more cooperative so no disrobing needed (though I may have been more comfortable with shorts instead of running pants)

I ran for 30 minutes, 2.3 miles straight. Then walked 2:30. Then ran/hobbled along for the next mile. I always have such a hard time getting going again after walking. My time was 42:07, worse than Friday, but part of it was the GPS - I stopped in the same location that Friday's GPS has said was 3.11 miles but now it only said 2.96, but since I had gunned it at the end, and I was going uphill, I just walked the last bit, thus the longer time.

I think I will just run 2 miles on the treadmill tomorrow. It is too dark to run in the morning.

We went to a party yesterday afternoon - it was supposed to be 2-5. We had eaten lunch before and thought we would eat dinner on the way home (it was 1:30 hours away). but at 4:00 they brought out huge platters of appetizer and then started grilling around 5:30. I ate like crazy, I will admit it. Tons of cheese and pepperoni and crackers. I felt a little, okay, maybe a lot, out of control. This hostess loves to put all the food in front of where all the women typically gather. I was drinking water all day, as I was driving, but I still ate so much. I woke up this morning feeling awful from all the sodium. I felt awful going to bed.

So I need to make sure I keep track of my sodium this week so I don't feel that way going to bed on Thursday night or when I wake up on Friday for the race. So I think I may need to rethink some of my choices for the appetizer-only lunch I had planned for Thursday (we eat around 5:00 pm).

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  1. Great job on the running!!!

    I hate when I overeat like that at a function, but I do it more than I'd like to admit.

    Keep up the good work figuring all this out and have a great Thanksgiving!