Saturday, November 26, 2011

In a weird place...

In some ways I feel like a huge weight has been lifted now that the 5K is over. Yes, it was the motivator to have me actually finish the C25K program. But pretty much as soon as I started the program, I stopped any attempts to lose weight. I look back at the few weights I actually wrote down since Labor Day - within 2 weeks of starting the program I had gained 4 lbs - 203 to 207 and that is where I have stayed. I do step on the scale every once in a while but I never wrote it down in my journal. Part of it was the 3 days a week I was running I wasn't weighing myself so I just got out of the habit.

So I am in quandry of what to do. I have never lost weight while working out. But I need to exercise! I know I need to go back to basics but a new basics with exercise.

I did sign up for a 5K in 2 weeks. But I hate to say it - I am not as motivated since I will be doing it alone. I looked up on line and they said that you should rest for 1 day per mile you race (26 days after a marathon!) I think they are saying more that you shouldn't train. But I am taking the 3 days! I was thinking of going for a long walk tomorrow morning, but the kids aren't going to be here so I am sleeping in!

Another thing about me is that it takes me a long time to recover from strenuous activity. It isn't just that I am out of shape - when I was training to climb Mt Rainier and I would do my hikes on Saturdays, I would be on the couch all Saturday night and all Sunday (and this was part of the reason I gained 15 lbs while training). I was so beat yesterday. After I finally took a shower, I put back on pjs and lounged

I am excited though to clean out the fridge and cabinets and go shopping for healthy food!

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