Friday, November 25, 2011

I Ran A 5K!

14 weeks after starting C25K, 2 months after signing up for my first 5K, it was finally here and it went awesome! I ran the whole way, which was a first for me, in 39:27. I can't believe I got under 40 minutes! It was my first time running with someone else which was different - I had never talked at all while running which made it a little harder, but it was easier to push myself with someone else and other people around. The 5K was very laid back which was nice (but there also wasn't any medals :( ) The timing wasn't by chip so I am not exactly sure of my exact time - I don't know how they would have known when we went over the starting line - though there weren't a ton of people there so it's not like it was a minute later. I sware I hit stop on my phone as I was crossing the finish line, but later I looked down and it was still moving. But I am good with under 40 minutes!

I truely do not like Thanksgiving. I like the traditions, I love the Macy's Day Parade, I love the beginning of Christmas, but I don't like the food and I don't like all the work for one meal. I was particularly cranky this year because TOM showed up (thanks to being very regular, she usually is around over Thanksgiving, and this year, for Christmas as well - great...), but I was also cranky because I am 15 lbs heavier than last year and because I couldn't fully enjoy myself because of the race.

We had an appetizer lunch which ended up being more work than the meal! No way we are doing that again. Next year we will also eat earlier - we only eat late because my son still naps, but he won't be next year.

I didn't feel like I ate a ton but I still felt so bloated at the end of the day. Not really from TOM, but when I get stressed I seem to get all bloated. Kind of weird. I went to bed with that uncomfortable full feeling and it sucked!

So what now? I do want to do more 5Ks - lots of them. I have zero intention at this point of every doing longer races. I may try to run more distance, but I don't want to train for a 10K - no thank you! Even in high school I talked about wanting to do track and do short distances. I want to work on my timing, I want to get in better (much better shape!) so that means doing a lot more than running. And I want to work on losing weight since it's been 9 months since I've even tried to lose weight (and hence gained 22 lbs). But what I will do in the next 5 weeks remains to  be seen. I don't want to gain more weight, but I want to enjoy the holiday. And yes, I know enjoying doesn't mean there has to be a lot of food. And I can work out to help with the stress. My kids will only be in the young-I-believe-in-Santa phase for so long, so I want to enjoy every minute of it.

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  1. Great job on your race!!!!

    You know, if you want to take it easy and not stress about the weight until after the 1st I think that it totally fine. I find if I'm stressing about food, being around it and gaining from it, I don't enjoy things as well. You are right that these years with your kids won't last too much longer. Enjoy it and know that you'll be ready to jump back into weight loss mode at the beginning of the year. Just my opinion... :)