Sunday, January 22, 2012

3 weeks in, not great...

Just because the first 3 weeks of the year have been nothing stellar in the slightest, doesn't mean I have to write off the whole year!

Today I ran for only the second time since my New Year's 5k. 2 weeks ago I ran outisde but only made it 2.25 miles and then walked 2.12 miles home. It was a psychological thing that I didn't go 5K.

Today I ran 5K on my treadmill - it was the first time I had done that. Only the second time I have been on a treadmill since before Thanksgiving. But we finally have snow in the ground (and it was 11 degrees this morning) - it snowed yesterday, so I didn't want to risk running outside (unlike last weekend when there wasn't any snow on the ground, but was only 5 degrees on Sunday morning, but I just didn't do anything).

Needless to say, my eating has been horrible. My saying I would not only weigh every day BUT also right it down - I haven't written it down in over 10 days. I am going to print out my weight journal so I can right it on a piece of paper each morning and then transfer it to the computer when I get to work.

Part of my poor habits are due to 2 pieces of bad news we received on the same day a couple of weeks ago. Dan stumbled onto a job interview and while he interviewed well, the feeling was that he did not have enough experience for the job. So we wonder if the last 10 months of studying have been for nothing - will he he have to take the same type of job he already had, and have we been mistaken and his salary could have been too high for his position. To take the same type of job and potentially have to take a pay cut would be devastating to our desires to move. On a good note, the hiring manager really liked Dan and while the job posting has been pulled (the client went with an internal candidate, so we've been told) there is a slight possibility they could find a position for him.

On a more grave note, my MIL has been diagnosed with lung cancer. We are awaiting word on how serious it is and what her prognosis is. She can not have chemo as she only has 1 functioning kidney and chemo would leave her with no kidney function, resulting in dialysis. We don't feel that his mother is long for this world. This news sends more uncertainity into our already uncertain year.

But the good news is our New England Patriots are going back to the Super Bowl! I had been holding off signing up for my February race, but signed up tonight for both February and March! February is called the Super 5K which the first year was 10 years ago when the Patriots were in the SB the first time. And the March race is an irish race on March 18 - my son was born on St Patrick's Day, so it should be fun.

I am pretty proud of myself on my run today. It was miserable, I was miserable, but I made myself do it. My time was so-so: 38:21. I finished the run at 6.0! But as one point went down to 4.5, and I removed the incline also. I also stripped during the run! I mistakenly wore my typical outside long shirt and short shirt, but since it was 10:00 am and even though I was in the basement, it was pretty warm!

My plan is to start the C25K again, faster - maybe I will start with week 3. I can't just run at the same speed on a treadmill forever. So, so, so boring! I think I need new music with a faster pace.

Hopefully I am out of this funk. Mid-winter is only 2 weeks away! While there is now snow on the ground, I am okay with that. Last winter was just brutal and horrible. But things are looking up!


  1. Sorry about your MIL and the interview for your spouse. I like your attitude though about keeping at it. Nice run times.