Tuesday, January 24, 2012

He is almost 3, not a newborn!

I had my gym clothes all laid out last night, but my son was up TWICE in the middle of the night. Lately he's been coming into our bed and we've been too lazy to get up and bring him back, but when he is in our bed, we don't sleep well. He came in at 12:30 and 4:30 - both times I brought him straight back, though the first time he was soaking wet because we put him to bed with a pull-up instead of diaper by mistake. I did feel like a new mom feeling around in the dark for a new pair of pjs.

Yesterday was yet another "good day" at work - ie I ate all my food I brought, though I was incredibly bored at work so I ate my lunch at noon instead of 1 and my snack at 3 instead of 4. Dinner was a big fail - 2 large portions plus dessert. Though we did throw the rest of the homemade Dragon cake I had made over the weekend (to celebrate the chinese new year).

Our menu planning has gotten completely off track for this week, so tonight is Breakfast for Dinner and I have no idea for tomorrow night since we had Wednesday's dinner on Sunday. I hate these weeks that get so disorganized. But tomorrow night is another night of menu planning and hopefully next week's meals will go a little more smoothly.

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