Friday, January 27, 2012

Plans to make progress

I had my first call with the Phone Coach through our work. She was a nurse and I have a call with a dietician in 3 weeks. After that I am not sure how often I will have calls - I am hoping every week. My "homework" for the next 3 weeks is to start running again 3 times a week (I have only been doing it once a week) and add in biking 1 time a week. Also I need to keep a food journal and try to limit my dinners to one portion.

Life is going to take a different turn pretty quickly. My husband got a new job and he starts on Wednesday! He has been home for 10 months. So my evenings will now be very hectic - 2 pick ups, make dinner, eat as a family (though my husband probably won't be home). 3 years ago before we did family dinners, I would feed my daughter, then I would eat (not the same food as her) and my husband would eat after she went to bed (again, not what I made).

As hectic as it will all be, I am really, really excited! I am even trying to see if I can get my husband to get up early with me to work out.


  1. My husband is such a huge support for me:) I think support is the #1 reason for weight loss sucsess! Best of luck to you:)