Thursday, January 5, 2012

Writing to get over a rough spot

How many different reasons/excuses to we make for overeating?!

Yesterday was another great day. Ate well, left on time, made dinner for the family, packed healthy lunches for the kids, organized my "family bible" which is a notebook that contains all the ideas for kids breakfasts/lunches/snacks, all my WW info, all our go-to meals and the meals I want to try, all that sort of stuff.

At 8:00 I remembered I had to make a small change for something at work, which turned into 3+ hours of work so zero down time last night. I had to wake up early to get stuff done, and here after 1 pm I am just coming up for air. I almost didn't come into work because I wasn't sure I could spare the hour of commuting.

I dressed in my WW outfit and planned on going to the 11:00 meeting, but couldn't move away from my desk. I was starving and I didn't have time to heat up my lunch so I had a co-worker bring me a sandwich and pasta salad from the cafeteria. Definitely more than the 10 pt LC pizza I had. I almost had her bring me a 12 oz soda even though I had 8 oz in my bag. But I refrained.

The stress is over and obviously I have a little time to waste since I am on-line, but I have that 'I want a reward feeling', anxiety, something. I just had a huge lunch and I know I am physically not hungry. I just feel like rewarding myself. I won't. I usually don't at work anyways. But the fact that I am even thinking about it! I hate this feeling.

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  1. Why does losing weight have to be so hard? Right? Every minute of everyday fighting those darn cravings is relentless! You can do it though:)