Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finally excited to wake up this morning...

I ate well all day yesterday, thus was excited to jump out of bed and see what the scale said. I know, I know. I do let the scale define me. But not like last year. It was because I knew I had done well yesterday and thus I should see a change in the scale. Last year, while I did step on the scale often, I didn't record it and it usually was dread. But it should have been, because I knew my actions of the day before not only weren't condusive to a loss, but most likely were causing a gain. And I didn't record the number and I didn't care about the number and use it to try to make it an on-plan day. I just didn't care.

Another big change yesterday. I have documented here a lot that part of the reason for my 2011 gain, was due to the fact that my husband has been making dinner for the last 9 months. So I asked him if he would pick up the kids on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so I could go straight home and make dinner. I was just so excited about it! Of course when he goes back to work, I'll be doing both pickups (in 2 different places) and dinner with them running around. But this is a great start. I knew that the vegetables didn't have butter on them, I controlled my portion, I felt in control and it felt great!

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