Sunday, January 1, 2012

First 5K of the year down

I timed myself at 38:00 exactly guntime. The official results are not in yet.

This was a bigger race that I had been in before. 1500+ were registered prior to the race. We got pretty cool wicking long sleeve shirts my first medal! Which also is a bottle stopper (I really need to start posting pictures here. I get so lazy about posting them though)

It was almost 50 degrees here in Massachusetts at 11 am. While we were lined up I already wished I hadn't worn my long sleeve shirt (I wear a short sleeve shirt over a long sleeve shirt - the long sleeve is too short so the long sleeve helps cover the gut! The second half of the race was directly in the sun - I need to start practicing running in sunglasses. I wear sunglasses 99% of the time outside, even when most normal people wouldn't, because I have very sensitive eyes and if I squint at all I get a headache. But I only started running outside after week 6 of C25K and all my training has been early in the morning. I am not sure if my cheapo glasses would do well while running and we don't have the $ right now to spend on equipment.

I continue to worry about how I will do in the sun/heat. I plan on doing all of my training early in the morning once it is light enough again. I just heat up so quickly and it takes me a long time to recover. I need to drink more water than the norml person. I found my camelback last night so I will probably take that, even to run 3 miles.

So how was the race? The holiday feasting, and lack of running, has slowed me down, but I talked myself through not walking - if I walk, I have a very hard time getting going again. I literally was talking out loud towards the end of the race to keep me going. I was dragging. The course was so-so. From 1.6 - 2.9 miles was one long straight away which I don't really like because at every light (it was a busy street) I kept thinking we were done even though I knew we weren't mileage wise.

I need to work on my recovery - 2 out of my 3 races have been over holiday weekends, so once I am done I come home, take a shower, put on my pjs and just veg (and eat) for the rest of the day. I physically felt better the race where I was out and about after the race.

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