Monday, June 17, 2013

No posts = not doing so well.....

Well, when the scale this morning was almost EIGHT pounds higher than 9 days ago, it can really put you into a funk on a Monday morning.

Last week I thought the 4.5 lbs would disappear overnight, and they did not. So Wednesday I decided to say "screw it" and didn't bring any food with me to work - I had my yummy yogurt parfait AND a breakfast sandwich for breakfast.I had a sandwich wrap, homemade chips and a 12 oz coke from the cafeteria.

Thursday was Field Day at my daughter's school. After my normal breakfast, and no morning snack, she treated me to lunch - chocolate milk, a hotdog on a whole wheat bun, and chips. I was starving by dinner because lunch just didn't cut it for an adult and I had no snacks. My husband was not home for dinner, so me and the kids kind of pieced together a meal.

Friday - Sunday we were away and meals were sporadic. My husband is okay with passing on breakfast and lunch, and his sister (who I am pretty sure had an eating disorder) won't eat anything until dinner.

Friday me and the kids ate breakfast and I had a snack before we left. We stopped at Unos for an early lunch - I had a 1/2 size salad and 1/2 a flatbread pizza - no soda, no appetizers, no dessert. Then that was it for the rest of the day....! We were with my in-laws at dinner, and while we had gotten food for the kids, it was decided that we would pick up dinner on the way home. We got back at 10:00 at night - I chose to go to bed instead of eating frozen pizza at that time.

Saturda me and the kids ate breakfast before going to the burial. After that we went to Applebee's - I was starving, and not knowing when/where/how I would get dinner, I got a trio of appetizers, plus a 1/2 size salad - no soda, no dessert. My husband and sister wanted to go to a restaurant for dinner at almost 8:00, but I chose against it and I fed the kids back at the hotel and ate a weird combination of foods myself.

Sunday we went to brunch for Father's Day - I had eggs, toast, potatoes, and coffee cake. We were driving home during lunch, so skipped it, so I snacked on Chex Mix (WAY too much of it!) and then had a lot for dinner - and late too.

So I hope part of the EIGHT pounds this morning was due to salty chex mix and salty teriyaki marinade. But I know all of it wasn't.

And have I exercised since last weekend? No....Both nights away I laid out my clothes (there is a rail trail right across the street) but I really didn't have the time and I would have woken up everyone getting out the door, so I didn't.

Another thing I haven't done in the last week is get enough water in, so I am trying really hard.

So this week, even though I am off Wednesday - Friday is:
-Drink a ton of water
-Eat my normal foods
-No snacking
-Small portions at dinner
-Go for a run; get moving
-Go to WW on Saturday even though I will show a HUGE gain

I am really, really mad at myself. I am eager to see where my weight really is at and how much work will need to get me back to my 10%.

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