Monday, June 3, 2013

Time to get back to work....

The heat wave is over, thank goodness, because my poor burned shoulders/back aren't very happy. It is pouring rain, but still humid, but by this afternoon the humidity should be gone and be more comfortable in the 70s this week.

I am dragging a little this morning. I crashed last night around 10. At 12:30 my son woke up with a wet bed - my husband was still up so thankfully he took care of it, but with the rain and the interrupted sleep, I am beat.

Yesterday me and my friend met at 7 am to get a run in - 3.63 miles - Not quite as long as I would have liked, but despite being hot and humid, we got it in. I am going to TRY to do 4 miles this weekend - I will be on my own, so it may be a little harder.

9 days without soda! But yesterday was definitely a munchy day.

Saturday we stopped by McDonald's after enduring soccer in the 90 degree heat. I got a grilled chicken wrap, but I also got a small chocolate shake. I didn't get fries. Dinner was 'fend for yourself' so I had left-over pasta and salad from Thursday, but did nibble some of the kids leftover pasta as well.

Sunday I bought 6 Dunkin Donuts after my run, but didn't have any. We went swimming with my parents, but purposefully asked to meet after lunch so I could eat at home. But I was starving when we got home since i hadn't packed a snack or had any water. So there was licks (making frosting to practice cake decorating), munchies (potato chips) and a pretty good size dinner (burger on WW bun, corn (with light butter), cucumbers, potatoes in the grill).

So the scale was up 2 lbs this morning from Saturday, but it is a new work week and 5 days to get it back.

I am going to try, try, try to get up a lot this week to work out. Today is a day of rest.

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