Saturday, August 16, 2014

8 Miles

Originally I was going to try for 6-7 miles as that is what my running buddy had said she was going to do, but then on Thursday she said her 1/2 training plan called for repeating 8 miles. I thought maybe we'd do 6-7 together and then she'd had to turn around and finish off the last 1-2 miles. We chose to run on Saturday, which is always nice to get it over with. The thought of being able to sleep in on Sunday sounded appealing!

Friday was the end of camp and the beginning of vacation. I was so excited! I hit BJ's because we were in need of everything and had a pasta dinner to carbo load for the run.

On the way out of BJ's my daughter rammed into my heel with her cart - I almost cried and was convinced I wouldn't be able to run. But thankfully the pain didn't last.

I woke up to 183.6 - Yeah, up 2 lbs since last Saturday but I had had a large dinner....and eaten horribly for the whole week, so I will take it!

It was a crisp morning- high 50's. Didn't feel like mid-August! I wore shorts, my new sneakers (I love new sneakers!), a short sleeve shirt and my hydration vest.

I had some sports beans at 3 miles and kept going until the turn 4 miles! The 8 took us 1:45 - not great, but good for not having done a long run in 3 weeks.

But now in the evening my legs are definitely feeling it (we shopped all day long!) - Can't wait to get compression calf sleeves for my birthday!

Shopping was mainly for the kids, but I did get a bunch of size 14 pants and size L tops - felt so good! I brought size 14 and 16 to the dressing room - I didn't even try the 16s on - I knew they would be way too big!

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