Friday, August 29, 2014

Lunch plans

Over the summer I've been having lunch with a co-worker quite often, which is one of the reasons that the scale has not moved down (but has moved up and down) from 182.2 since July 5. When we eat lunch I've been buying in the cafeteria and usually buying a 12 oz can of regular coke as well. Well this needs to end! I don't want the lunches to end because otherwise I don't get much chit-chat in at work - I am only in the office 8 hours a day so I don't feel like I am entitled to a lot of watercooler breaks, much less lunch because I haven't want to work after hours this summer.

Since dinner time has always been such a problem time for me, I've made sure I was in control during the day and know what my points were. But I've known for a while that I wanted to mix up my lunches - a Lean Cuisine pizza and carrot sticks has been getting pretty boring. Plus the pizza is a lot of PPV and so many carbs. But it is so easy because I don't have to make lunch and with making kids lunches now, shaving off any amount of time helps.

My friend, who is looking to cut costs and cut calories, proposed that we bring our lunches Tuesday and Thursday (she will be working from home on Monday and Fridays) and Wednesdays we could go out (I am still up in the air about what to do with WW at Work - I am more inclined to start going to my regular Saturday one each week again now that summer is over). So I would still bring my regular lunch on Monday and Fridays (for the time being) so I won't get overwhelmed with actually making my lunch. Maybe I'll just start with 1 day a week, then 2, and so on.

We are looking forward to time at the county fair this weekend (ie, not diet friendly!) but next week brings the true Back to School when both kids are in school and both parents are back at work. I can't wait!

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