Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New school year, new routines

We are kind of in this limbo here. Tuesday was my daughter's first day of 3rd grade and my son had Kindergarten Orientation. But then he doesn't have real school until next Tuesday. She has school 3 days this week - my husband is home with him. So we are getting a glimpse of the new routine, but not really. That will have to wait until Tuesday. I just want Tuesday to come!

Once change I've decided to make is to throw in an extra cheese stick to eat as I am walking out the door at work. And then chug a ton of water on the way home so I am not ravenous when I get home - my absolutely hardest time of the day. I did it yesterday, but I still found myself overeating slightly at dinner because we had tacos, one of my favorites - Extra cheese always ends up in me on taco night if I am not careful :)

Another week of blown off running mornings :( Tuesday I decided I was just still too tired from my 10 miler. This morning I was up at 3 am for 90 minutes. Excuses, excuses!

Some of my new gym equipment came yesterday, so I am excited to try it out....sometime! I just need a descent night sleep. I feel like it has been 10 days since I got a really good night's rest.

I had my last Skinny Cow ice cream cone on Monday night and I don't have any sweet treats for me in the house, which is good! Not having extra sugar really helps me because I am not bloated and feel good about myself.

Scale this morning was 183.2. At first I was going to blow off WW, but then decided to go. No reason not too!

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