Friday, August 15, 2014

Absolute, complete lack of motivation

It is Friday and my lower back is still sore when I've been sitting in a chair (hello, work) or driving. But sleep is back to normal.

Eating. Not normal at all. Completely out of control! Like, haven't been weighing myself out of control. But I will get it back. Not sure when, but soon. I've just been limping (literally and figuratively) to the end of camp - which is today! Lack of motivation to do anything - make lunches (the kids had lunchables 3, yes, 3 times this week), making dinner (we've been out too much) and today their lunch was scraps from the fridge and pantry so I can make a clean start when we get back from vacation.

I love camp, I really do, but 8 weeks is long. I don't want to break it up with vacation in the middle - I like going full steam ahead for the full 8 weeks and then have celebration week off after it is all done.

We did have a home day on Wednesday - I worked, they watched tv. All day. It was pouring, torrential pouring. I didn't feel like leaving the house to bring them to camp. So I didn't :) I did get my daughter's clothes organized.

Tomorrow is a all-day family shopping day. We'd planned this weekend for weeks and then it happens to fall on Tax-Free weekend - good I guess, but it will be crazier than normal.

I tried on my fall clothes - I put all the Size XL and Size L shirts in the closet - XL are too big, but some of the L are older so aren't as long, so may show too much tummy :(  I don't need too many fall clothes - Weekend casual tops and a pair of jeans and a pair of dress black pants. Hard to think about shopping when I have not been eating well.

But I will turn it around! I have to! I am going to attempt to run this weekend - hopefully 6-7 miles. We'll see how it goes!

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