Monday, November 1, 2010

Getting Back on It

On a good note, since Thursday, I have only had 3 pieces of Halloween candy. 1 on Thursday and 2 on Sunday. I picked out 9 other pieces from my daughter's bag and hopefully that will be it. I will try my hardest to avoid any candy that is around here at work. I didn't bring any of mine here. I did make my husband bring the remainder of the candy that we didn't hand out into work. And we'll eventually ditch the rest of my kid's candy.

The scale was pretty scary this morning. 196.8.

Friday - I had popcorn and soda for lunch at the movies.
Saturday - I went out to lunch in NYC, had a PB&J sandwich before the wedding, and then a slow trail of food and alcohol from 8 pm - 1 am at the wedding
Sunday - Ate breakfast out, then junk on the way home, and then a small dinner - but really not enough fruit or veggies in the last 3 days

I am still battling this bad cold - It is driving me crazy

If I can get back to 193.4 by Thursday, then I will be thrilled.

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