Saturday, May 28, 2011

2 weeks away....

Wow - it's been more than 2 weeks since I have posted here. I think about posting every single day, but life has just gotten so crazy, and then we were on vacation to Pennsylvania for 4 days.

I will admit the scale is really ugly right now - 196.4 this morning :(

But on a good note, I went downstairs this morning and walked at 3K. I took it leisurely - mainly at 3.0 mph so it took 60:37 to do it. But seeing that I haven't been exercising at all, I am cool with it. At my WW meeting (I actually made it, the first time in 6 weeks - though I didn't get on the scale) I committed myself to walking 2 5Ks this week.

After my shower I tried on all my spring clothes. We've have such a cool spring that I haven't needed my capris at all. Though I regretfully admit I've been wearing the same pair of pants 3 out of the 5 days to work since they were the only ones that comfortably fit.

Most of the clothes I tried on did fit - the size 16 pants are a little snug, but I did find a pair of black and a pair of khaki capris (both size 16) that fit so I will be prepared for the warm weather this coming week. All of my short sleeve shirts at XL - I was hoping to be in L's for this summer, but the post-baby (even though the baby is 2 years old) boobs aren't allowing for an L right now.

Speaking of boobs, part of my stress eating of late is due to my anxiety about having my first mammogram in 2 weeks. Since I turned 40 last year, I need to have one. I am terrified of what they might find. A co-worker's wife died last year at 44 of breast cancer, leaving behind 3 children under the age of 12. I can't even imagine. I was so tempted to cancel it, but I had already post-poned it from January. And since I have a physical in June and my annual exam in July, both doctor's would be quite upset if I hadn't had it by then.

Now that the TV season is over, I am hoping to start waking up early to work out. I know I shouldn't dictate my life around TV - after all, isn't that what DVRs are for? I do use a DVR, but I still stay up until 11:30 watching stuff that has been taped. I plan on going upstairs at 10:00, watching a 1/2 hour of TV and have the light out by 10:30.

I also realize that I could swim in the morning. Our townhouse complex has a pool that opened this weekend. There is nothing stopping my from going down a couple of mornings a week and swimming. Since I don't have to get the kids off to school, except maybe 1 day a week when I bring 1 to my parents, I have extra time.

We do have lots of yummy dinners planned for this Memorial Day weekend, but they are just that: dinners. Not desserts (we'll probably have dessert 1 night, but we normally would anyways), and not appetizers and chips and dips and alcohol.

So I hope to get back on track. No promises. Just hopes. Next week is our last WW meeting of this series, though I will be home for my daughter's pre-school graduation. I really doubt we'll have 15 people to keep having it at work. But I really hope to keep going to a meeting outside of work - probably Thursdays at lunch. I NEED someone to be accountable to.

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