Friday, May 6, 2011

Thursdays Stress

So I already blew it on Thursday.

I came to work all ready in my WW dress, excited for the meeting. 20 minutes before the meeting I was sent 2 meeting invites that would last from 11-12:30. So not only did I have to miss the meeting, I didn't get to eat anything until after 1:00. I am neurotic and I don't eat food before my meeting - I have 20 oz of water at 8 am and then usually eat my breakfast during the WW meeting.

At 1 pm my boss needed to catch up with me and I was starving and she wanted to go to the cafeteria. They were celebrating Cinqo de Maio so I had 2 tacos, blacks beans and rice. Too much food. I did make sure I got a snack in before I hit the grocery store after work. And dinner was Subway subs and ice cream for dessert (on a cone so actually not too much ice cream)

Today hasn't been any better. I chose not to bring my food today because they were catering breakfast and I had lunch plans with a friend. My body is screaming to me today - my stomach is just rumbling with gas - painful and embarrassing.

But I will pick myself up and keep trucking.

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