Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pasta needs to be measured

Having my husband measure the pasta really helped. Depending on the day I tell people 'This is all ice cream', 'This is all cheese', meaning me being overweight. Oh, excuse me, "obese". But ultimately, it is all about pasta. Until 2 years ago when we started doing family dinners, I probably ate pasta for dinner 5 nights a week, and probably 6-7 oz all for me. I am by far an overeater versus a junk food eater. Though I was a junk food eater as a child because we had zero junk food in our house so I would get it whenever I could.

Had I not had my husband measure the pasta, he would have probably cooked 12-16 oz and we would have finished it. I would have had 2-3 helpings, potentially nibbling the last bits out of the colander as I cleaned up.

8 oz was a perfect amount for the 4 of us, with enough left over for my daughter's lunch. I won't say I wished there was more. But I am glad there was not. Sitting here now I feel a twinge of hunger but I am not going to do anything about it.  Not eating after dinner has been something I have usually been pretty good at.

I did have thoughts of other food today. I checked my blackberry in my car before going into work. Several emails outlined another crazy day. My first instinct was to get a breakfast sandwich and yogurt parfait on my way into work. But I refrained - the major thing keeping me away from the cafeteria was the thought of weigh-in tomorrow. I felt tempted again at lunch time when I wasn't able to have my 11:30 am lunch and didn't get lunch until 1 pm -  Most of the co-workers I am working in the same room with had come in with their lunches from the cafeteria and it all looked so good! I had left myself get too hungry. But thankfully I was again able to stave off my temptations.

Here is to another good day tomorrow.

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  1. I'm with you on the need to measure pasta - whew I can eat way too much of it!! :)

    Whether or not you can afford to continue WW you can always stay accountable here online at the blog. I use a tracker program called "Tap and Track" on my iPod Touch, so maybe you can use something like that to track your food. Spark People has a free one that works nicely too.

    Keep up the good work! I can only imagine how busy you are.