Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thinking about skipping soon

I won't go as far as saying the spring is back in my step, but I am so close. Even after 2 days of realitive good eating, I just feel lighter. I feel like smiling. I am more confident. And I plan on keeping it up, darnit!

I just emailed my husband, who now is on dinner duty, that he really needs to measure the pasta (Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti night....though we don't eat Prince - we eat the blended pasta - I couldn't get my family on board with 100% whole wheat). Who knows how much he has been cooking - but what he cooks, we eat. Not good. So I told him to make 8 oz for the whole family (and that includes leftovers for my daughter's lunch tomorrow).

I will go to Weight Watchers tomorrow -unless I miraculously lose 1 pound overnight, I will show a gain (from 3 weeks ago) tomorrow. But that is okay. As long as I go.

It is almost time to re-new our WW at Work - I am up 3+ pounds since the beginning of the session. Need to lose those 3 lbs or even the 6 lbs I've gained!!! I am not sure if I will re-new though. $180 is a lot of money in our lives right now. We will see. I know that I am important and doing this is important, but joining this session has done nothing to prevent me from gaining - I just don't go to the meetings. I wish someone would MAKE me go, no matter what.

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