Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wild and crazy busy....

This week has been absolutely crawling by - it usually is prior to the Super Bowl, when I just want it to be here and be over. I am so nervous. Honestly, I hate feeling anything prior to the game. It is distracting.

I am running in a Super 5K on Sunday - I am nervous about that as well, as I have not been running in a couple of weeks, and that was on a treadmill. The last time I ran a full 5K outside was on New Year's Day. I am hoping to start training again next week so I will be better prepared for my St Patty's Day 5K.

Good news is my husband starts work on Monday! That means our schedule just got even crazier. But it also means that dinner is all on me, and that is actually a good thing!

Weight Watchers is starting up again today. I am going to make myself do it. I am going to tell the leader to "encourage" me to step on it each week. I also printed out a sheet so I can write down my weight each day. I weighed myself almost every day in January, but haven't written it down for 3 weeks. My WW weight today will be completely inflated because I am wearing jeans (we got to all week because of the Super Bowl) and I ate breakfast. Usually I am neurotic and wear the same light dress and only drink water prior to weigh in.

ETA: WW actually didn't officially start. We thought we had 15 people, but we don't so far. Hopefully we will for next week. I chose not to step on the scale. But I will next week regardless.

With my husband's new job means that we are most likely moving! I have a realtor coming in next week to look at our house. It is going to be a crazy ride this year! I just hope my physical activity (can I say I am excited to lift boxes so fit in strength training) and my healthy eating can happen with all this change.

Go Patriots!

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